3 — Discussions- International Finance

Listen to the narrated PowerPoint for the Chapter 4 Mini-Case: Volkswagen’s Defeat Devices and Stakeholder Control. Preview the documentThis case discusses the events concerning Volkswagen’s scandal concerning its diesel engine emission control systems and the actions of Volkswagen’s stakeholders.

Please provide at least 1 (one) well- written and well-reasoned answer to the following discussion questions


Discussion Questions:

  1. Why did Volkswagen’s leadership decide to use defeat devices?
  2. Who controls the strategic and operating decisions at VW?
  3. Describe the various stakeholders and their individual interests in VW. Whose interest dominated in the decision to pursue the defeat device strategy?
  4. How did VW react to the discovery of its deceit? Do you think this was the proper crisis management response? What would you recommend that they do differently-next time?

Submission Instructions:
All responses in this discussion forum must be professional, well-reasoned, well-written, and free from profanity.  This discussion assignment should reflect the fact that this is a written product for a graduate professional program.  All responses should be professional, and if you disagree with a submission, keep it professional.  Make any criticisms constructive.  If ideas are not your own, please reference them with the appropriate internet link or written resource link

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