7. What is the rationale (both theoretical and organisational) for your study?… 1 answer below »

7. What is the rationale (both theoretical and organisational) for your study? (Suggested 400- 500


Approximately 400-500 words which introduces the reader to the theoretical and organisational context

within which the research is going to take place. It needs to explain WHY the research is necessary.

Important material to cover includes the key theoretical framework(s) you are using, definitions of all key

terms and important features of the organisational context.

Why will other people be interested?

Why is it of interest to you?

8. Brief review of relevant literature (suggested around 1500 words) with a minimum of 6 key

publications cited. (Critically evaluate recent and relevant research that has addressed similar issues

to those covered in your objectives)

This is typically around 1500 words which CRITICALLY reviews key, recent RESEARCH in the area.

The focus is on examining research which has looked at the same theoretical framework(s) you are using

and on similar problems to you and NOT on describing the contents of text books.


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