A major international business magazine – HBR (Herbert Management Review) – has contracted you… 1 answer below »


A major international business magazine – HBR (Herbert Management Review) – has contracted you to write a

‘profile’ article on either a social enterprise OR a sustainable tourism business OR a special topic. They believe

there are some really interesting organisations or topics that would be of interest to local and overseas readers.

Alternative 1 – note on social enterprises (for further details see Topic 9): Social enterprises are businesses

established by entrepreneurs with an emphasis on human values rather than just profit. They are not charities or

welfare agencies, but seek to achieve social change by having an economically viable business model that

services societal needs while drawing support from the community. Some Australian examples (there are many

also in Malaysia and other countries): the MADCAP Café that employees young people with mental health issues

to make the coffee in stands at Masters Hardware stores; Fifty-six threads café run by AMES – which trains

young refugees and migrants in hospitality skills; Streateats – trains & employs homeless youth; Who gives a

crap – recycled toilet paper; Dress for success – clothes for women in need of support in getting a job; Scarf

hospitality that trains refugees; and Goodcycles – trains and employs disengaged youth in bicycle repairs


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