A number of Pro-Go cameras have burst into flames without an explanation being found. In… 1 answer below »

A number of Pro-Go cameras have burst into flames without an explanation being found. In addition,

the company’s largest customer – a major retail chain throughout China – exercised their right, under

our sales agreement, to cancel their contract with us. Sales have halved in the last 24 hours and

immediate action must be taken.

Re-convene the (emergency) stakeholder meetings to address these concerns raised in this video.

The stakeholder meetings must discuss this disruption and develop a modified strategic plan/white

paper. Please return to your groups immediately to discuss these events and adjust your strategic

approach accordingly.

Suggested format

Your 2000 word, individual, White paper should be structured as follows:

• Executive Summary – Summarise the entire report – for example, don’t tell the reader that

the report discusses the external/internal environment, summarise the points the report

makes about the external/internal environment.

• Table of Contents – Make it look good. Include page numbers and ensure the layout looks

balanced on the page.

• Introduction – Provide background and context to the report. Tell the reader what has

happened in the past that has led to this report being needed.

• Aim – State in a single sentence what this report is seeking to achieve.

• Discussion – Cover the content you wish to address.

• Conclusion – Restate the aim and sum up the discussion to demonstrate to the reader that

the aim has been satisfied. There should be no new content in the conclusion.

• Recommendations – What are the next steps? What is required to progress into the future?

Evaluate/justify your recommendations?

• References – Please ensure you use the correct APA referencing style throughout.

Remember EVERY factual statement requires a reference.


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