A Research Paper On The Unauthorized Practice of Law In Florida




Conduct independent research via the Internet and other means on topic of “The Unauthorized Practice of Law In Florida”Then, prepare a ten (10) to fifteen (15) page Research paper. Apa standards and Bluebook citations required. NO PLAGIARISM.

Complete legal research on the topic of “The Unauthorized Practice of Law In Florida” and conduct a 10-15 page research paper that includes a historical overview. Must Include all of the following…

Paper should consist of:

  • Complete sentences and Logical organization.
  • Creativity in the theme and presentation of the paper
  • A paper free from misspelled words and run-of-the-mill grammatical errors that reflect mere carelessness.
  • Use of proper fonts and spacing;I prefer double spacing and 12-font for consistency.
  • Citation to authorities by acceptable means such as Bluebook, MLA, APA, etc.
  • Clear organization and transitions between paragraphs.
  • A clear and efficient (i.e. not wordy) writing style.
  • A discussion that spots legal issues, explains legal rules, applies facts appropriately, and draws logical conclusions therefrom (seeweb sites, handouts, textbook and research to be done). (Include current and past Legislation and Regulations/Case Law)

All sources MUST be academic sources: Court Documents, Case Law, Legal Journals, Legal Opinions, Textbooks, Federal and State statutes & case examples. While conducting research you may want to choose a comparison of two states, some selected cases, etc., so as to keep it narrowed down.


If any of the preceding items are missing points will be deducted.

I have attached some files that contain great information and are good sources to use and cite throughout paper.

Thank you!!! If you have any questions let me know! 🙂

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