APIC Project Development & Optimisation Pty Ltd is considering and evaluating the various…

APIC Project Development & Optimisation Pty Ltd is considering and evaluating the various projects. This project was selected to be evaluated due to it sustainability aspect. It is also in line with Australian government’s policy to focus more on renewable energy in addressing environmental impact of climate change.

The report should analyse the case and provide recommendations and justifications. In terms of sensitivity analysis and various parameters selected, they should be defined and justified accordingly. The report should also provide a good understanding of WBS, Gantt chart and project milestone. The report needs to identify stakeholders of the project. On information needs for stakeholders, the report is required to provide a brief planned information flow and activities to engage the stakeholders.

As a project manager, your recommendations on the project is critical. Your report should briefly address brief on the importance of sustainability and how the stakeholders of this project to be engaged.

The recommendations should follow the suggested guidelines below: 1) Provide explanation in term of conducing analysis, making decisions and assumptions. 2) Provide Cash flow diagrams 3) Provide details of any assumptions made if needed. 4) Conduct a sensitivity analysis with respect to interest rate and economic analysis.

5) Develop the total project cost as well as providing clear work breakdown structures (WBS). 6) Reasons for recommending the project 7) Develop the Gantt and project milestone 8) Stakeholder engagement


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