As your first submission will be the last one, ensure tha Question is correct and complete…

As your first submission will be the last one, ensure tha Assignment is correct and complete in every aspect.

  1. Word count: 2250-2500 words (margin 10%).
  2. A minimum of five academic resources is required.
  3. Plagiarism will be checked; maximum limit is 10%
  4. Delay in submission will cause a deduction of 5 points
  5. The Assignment will be done in a group of maximum 3 students not more.

Font size and style
Recommended font is Times New Roman (double space); sizes: 12 for text, 12 bold for chapter number and chapter 12 bold for headings within chapters.
Suggested topics:

  1. Fundamentals of Islamic Morality
  2. Foundations of Islamic Culture
  3. Modem World and Islam
  4. Prominent Characteristics of Islamic Culture
  5. Innovation & Creativity: Islamic Perspective
  6. ljtihdd and the Islamic Civilization
  7. Muslim Minorities in the World
  8. Rules and Regulations of Hygiene in Islam
  9. The Family Institution of Islam
  10. Animal Rights in Islam
  11. Masjid: A Community Centre in Islam
  12. Gender Roles and Equality in Islam
  13. Universal Moral & Ethical Principles in Islam
  14. Prominent Features of Islamic Banking
  15. Business and the Islamic Moral Code of Conduct

The essay will be assessed using the following criteria:
– Word count
– Quality of the structure – Grammar and spelling – Quality of the content – Inclusion of references in APA fonnat for sources.

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