Australia going to ‘unthinkable’ lengths to return Syria detainees Choose a current (2013-2014)…

Australia going to ‘unthinkable’ lengths to return Syria detainees

Choose a current (2013-2014) newspaper or magazine article (a short news article or a longer feature article, or an internet transcript of a TV or radio-program), or video (must submit link) on the topic of refugees, asylum seekers, refugee human rights, refugee resettlement, forced migration, etc. and analyse it using the course literature. Using additional literature from the university library, internet etc. is desirable. You MUST submit a copy of the text or weblink to the video you analyse with your assignment
Article that I have selected:
Australia going to ‘unthinkable’ lengths to return Syria detainees, emails show

•    Brief introduction of asylum seekers
•    Talk about the newspaper article

Should start like this  I willàbefore going on to address about the asylum seekers introduction be talking about this article based on these literatures (the literatures are listed below) and I will draw a conclusion if this newspaper article is biased.

Body 1
•    Reasons behind sending back asylum seekers and why they are reluctant to have come in
•    Supporting literature as evidences
•    Theories supporting the literature
•    Relate it back to the newspaper article
How its impt to study history of refugees better so they will understand the issues

Body 2
•    reasons for why we should be keeping them
•    supporting literatures as evidences
•    include theories that support the literature and issue
•    relate it back to the newspaper article

Body 3
•    Critical analyses and discussion on whether we should have asylum seekers with supporting evidences
•    Argument should be strong
•    Summing everything and if the newspaper is being bias about the issue

Literatures to be used
•    Marfleet, Philip. 2007 Refugees and history: why we must address the past. Refugee Survey Quarterly 26 (3), pp. 136-148
•    Schuster, Liza 2011. Turning Refugees into ‘illegal migrants’: Afghan asylum seekers in Europe, Ethnic and Racial Studies, First published on: 18 January 2011 (iFirst).
•    Zetter, Roger 1991. Labeling Refugees: Forming and Transforming a Bureaucratic Identity, Journal of Refugee Studies 4 (1): 39-62.
•    Sasken, Saskia 1999. The State and the Foreigner, Guests and Aliens. New York: The Free Press
•    Humphrey, Michael 2002. Humanitarianism, terrorism and the transnational border, Social Analysis, 46(1), pp. 118-126.
•    Mountz, Alison 2011. Where asylum-seekers wait: feminist counter-topographies of sites between states, Gender, Place and Culture 18(3): 381-399.
•    Walters, William 2002. Mapping Schengenland: denaturalizing the border Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 20: 561-580

Things to be kept in mind
•    Evidence of extensive, relevant and up to date reading and correct referencing
•    Detailed and insightful analysis of the issues
•    Application of theories and integration of the issues with 
convincing evidence
•    Development of a sophisticated argument
•    Discussion of the implications of the author’s argument
•    High levels of originality
•    The paper has to be focused, critical, well organised and analytical. The argument should move beyond a simple description of different theories and/or concepts.


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