1. Start out with a  brief introduction  of the issue, why it is relevant to your practice and patient.   This grabs the reader’s attention.

2. Then you need to discuss the  foreground and background questions .

· You need to understand why your topic is important to patients, what the cost is in patient outcomes, fiscal implications, etc.

· This paper should be 2-3 pages, but remember that the topic needs to be adequately covered.  See the Outline for EBP Papers.docx below for an outline of expectations in the four papers (see below)


Issue/PICOT question:

Question: Is there a significant decrease in Emergency Department patient length of stay (LOS) for those whose blood was analyzed using POC testing versus those whose blood was analyzed using laboratory testing?

· P-Population= emergency room patients

· I-Intervention or Exposure= POC testing of blood specimens

· C-Comparison= Laboratory blood specimens

· O-Outcome= Decrease patient stay in the emergency room

· T-Time = N/A




Outline of paper

· Write the Introduction of your paper.

· Why this issue effects your practice?

· Genesis or background?

· Societal cost (patient outcomes, loss of revenue, patient satisfaction etc.).

· Foreground

· Discuss PICOT question formation

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