BBA 301 – Week 2 Data Validation Assignment

The HR tab in Hospital.xlsx file contains the employee records downloaded from the personnel database of a fictitious hospital.  Data is required in all fields except Address 2 and Phone. If a phone number is entered it must adhere to the 999-999-9999 format.

At least 100 data errors exist in this file.

On the Errors tab in Hospital.xlsx file, document each error by identifying the location of the error (ID Number), the type of error (omission, range, data entry, etc.), and the correct information, if known. You receive one point for each VALID error identified. Truncation of data to the maximum number of characters for a field is NOT considered an error as it is imposed by the system and not a data entry error. Extra credit is available for deeper analysis.

An additional file name Zipcode.xlsx is available as a reference.

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