Biology Questions and Answers

(a) Do different genders have different mentality? (b) If so, is it biological?

Hybrid zones provide an opportunity to investigate?

What is exobiology?

Biology is a diverse subject of various disciplines that equips one with various skills. Give two skills one get from study of biology

List the following structures in order from smallest to largest: a. Protein. b. Bacterial cell. c. Atom. d. Human muscle cell. e. Ribosome. f. Nucleus. g. Human epithelial cell.

What hormones are involved in the homeostasis of blood sugar?

What can be the future of biology & genetics after genome sequencing & synthetic life?

Why is human biology important?

Why is human biology a science?

What is an example of sex linkage?

What is sex linkage?

What are the best courses which have scope for Biology students?

What do you understand about the American society of cell biology?
What is the difference between Cell Biology and Molecular Biology?

What is the difference between biology and evolutionary biology?

How has learning about biology expanded your knowledge base? Provide two example of how your knowledge base has expanded. 2 short paragraph minimum.

Crossing two individuals with ONLY brown and ONLY black fur, respectively, you get all offspring with BOTH brown AND black fur. This is an example of what type of inheritance?

1. Why do countries prefer using biological weapons? 2. Give two examples of countries with biological weapons.

What characteristics do primates have in common?

What is the best program for translating terms in biology?

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