Biology Questions and Answers

Why do cells need exposure to T_3 for their normal rate of metabolism?
Genetic counseling: a) is used to choose the sex of the child b) helps to identify the genetic risks involved in a pregnancy c) explains how genes interact d) none of the above
What is redeployment in developmental biology?
What is plant developmental biology?
What is a dominant repressor in developmental biology?
What is an example of developmental biology?
Why is developmental biology important?
What is developmental biology?
What types of tools, approaches, methodologies, and technologies are used in system biology?
Is biology the systematic study of life?
What year was Conrad Gessner born?
What is the difference between human and biological essentialism?
Where was Richard Henderson born?
Biology means a) Study of organisms b) Study of life c) Study of plants d) Study of diseases
What is the histology section for the circulatory system?
What is the relationship between plant anatomy and cytology?
In the context of Biology, define the following term: Termination.
In the context of Biology, define the following term: Initiation.
What are dynamical systems in biology?
Where did Lynn Margulis go to college?

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