Bundooraville is a small, private school in Victoria, Australia. For the past 10 years, it has… 1 answer below »

Bundooraville is a small, private school in Victoria, Australia. For the past 10 years, it has

offered a curriculum for preschool through grade 3. It also offers after-school care, usually

referred to as after-care, on premises. Last year the school added a new classroom to allow the

curriculum to expand to provide a grade 4-6 program. Bundooraville is experiencing significant

increases in enrolment applications for all programs from pre-school through the Grade 4-6

program. Increases in applications coupled with the expanded program and increased demand for

after-care have led to a very high workload for the administrative staff. Bundooraville is a nonprofit, and is not in a position to hire another full-time administrative position, which is what the

principal and administrator think would be needed to handle the increased workload.

You are an IT consultant, specialising in developing IT solutions for small business needs.

You have been contacted by the parent of one of the students to speak to the school principal,

administrator and teaching staff about the possibility of setting up an information system to

handle some of the school’s administrative and financial tasks. While there is not money in the

budget to add a full-time position, the school does have a very active board of directors and

parent committees that are experienced and enthusiastic about fund-raising for projects that do

not fit into the budget. It is the hope of the school that it might be feasible to use a combination

of grants and fund-raising to cover the initial cost of purchasing and setting up and information

system, and the ongoing cost of a part-time support position for the system


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