California University of Management and Science Kaitlyn Spillman Discussion Response




Write a 300 word reaction to the student posts(need at least 2 student posts) .Look under discussions for the student postings about the article. Identify the student posts you are discussing. This will only be read by the instructor.

Topic: Post a 300 word discussion related to your personal thoughts about topic selection and audience analysis. I want it written in first person and express your own thoughts about the topic. The following is the student’s post: 1. From:Kaitlyn Spillman From someone who works in a position that often requires public speaking, topic selection and audience analysis is essential for me to be familiar with. If I choose a topic that is of no interest to my audience, they will easily become disengaged and my speech will lose meaning and credibility. Narrowing the topic down to something that the audience can relate to and will keep them engaged and is key to establishing a rapport with the audience, so to speak. In order to do this, an audience analysis is also necessary. It’s important to know who will be in the audience in order to create a speech and choose a topic that will be relatable. For example, a speech done on college admissions will be of no interest to a group of children in elementary school. However, that topic would be of high interest to a group of high school juniors and/or seniors. First an audience analysis must be done, and then an appropriate topic selection should follow. When giving a public speech or presentation, making sure that credible evidence is used is also key. Not only will it boost the credibility of the actual speaker, it also will likely keep the audience engaged. Making sure that your evidence is credible is of most importance, but making sure that you are using credible evidence in general is also. A speech or presentation with no evidence at all to back up claims will likely make the speech bland and the audience disengaged. In my experience, people want to hear what you’re saying, but also why you’re saying it. If I gave a speech regarding crime rates in a specific city but gave no statistics to prove my topic, my credibility decreases as does the importance and purpose of my presentation. 2. From: Sarah Stevens In my graduate studies, I have found topic selection to be the most challenging aspect of paper writing. I have lots of half-formed ideas, but they are too big. While I am interested in the topics, it is a general interest. I don’t have a lot of commitment. When I do research, I can find relevant information and also offshoots for new ideas. I haven’t had as a student much opportunity for giving speeches. The few that I have had the topic was assigned and the audience was the class. Still, there is an opportunity to do more even within the prescribed parameters. We were assigned the whole article to present, but choices had to be made about what information to highlight in the time we were given. I think it is important to engage the audience with a supportive visual presentation to accompany the oral presentation. For instance, people enjoy looking at attractive or humorous pictures. I usually asked questions and brought candy to give out to promote participation. Audience analysis is an important topic for a professional speaker. In the classroom presentations, we all should have read the article in advance; knowing this then I could expand upon elements of the article instead of devoting time on an extended recap. When I speak to my international students at Orientation, I know that I am generally introducing new concepts. I present as simply as possible and try to build upon the information in a way that ties it all together. Since nearly all of the students speak English as a second language, I include written information that reinforces my visual and oral presentations. I know that some of the students are still dealing with jet lag and adjustments to a new culture. So I limit the topics to the “have to” – the things I need them to know right now. Other information, even important information, can wait. By trying to do too much at once, I know I will dilute the message and miss the opportunity.
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