Case: 1.2 Lehman Holdings (USE AUDITING BOOK) 2. Critique a…

Case: 1.2 Lehman Holdings (USE AUDITING BOOK) 2. Critique a Case Study. a. If the case study is good, giving enough detail for a student to understand the case without having to read it for themselves, compliment your classmate on a job well done. If a significant item is left out of the summary, say something such as “In my opinion, the Case Summary would be improved by including the following…” 3. Write each question and state whether you agree with the answer posted. Then add significant comments of your own, supported by references that the original poster did not use. This should be done diplomatically, without saying that the original work was deficient. You might word your added comments something like this: “I think the class might benefit from this additional comment…” a. The same number of required references applies to the critiques as apply to the case solutions. The only difference is that the critique must include references that the original case study did not.

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