Chipotle Mexican Grill Case Study. 3 pages. APA format. 2-3 sources. NEEDED TONIGHT BY 11PM EASTERN

Chipotle Mexican Grill Case Study. 3 pages. APA format. 2-3 sources.



The restaurant industry consisted of a number of segments such as eating places, bars and taverns and lodging place restaurants. The three largest segments were full service, quick service and fast casual.

CMG faced a host of challenges. While the depressed economy favored quick service and fast casual restaurants over full service restaurants because of lower check prices, consumer sentiment indicated that the majority of them would either curtail their spending on eating or at best maintain it at current levels.

Be sure you consider how acquisitions have impacted this company and discuss the corporate strategy for overseeing this portfolio of businesses.


A key skillset we utilize in this class is strategic analysis – your ability to take and find information on a given situation, identifying strategic problems and applying concepts from class.  Also the ability to write clearly and concisely, filtering out extraneous information and providing a hard-hitting compelling persuasive argument is important.



Each analysis will answer a set of 4 specific questions about the assigned case:

a. What is the firm’s competitive advantage? b. What problems is the firm facing?c. What are the relevant external environmental and industry-level factors/forces impacting the firm’s problems and opportunities?d. What actions do you recommend and why?


In answering each question – Explain and defend your positionsclearly!  This means use relevant examples and evidence and apply concepts from the textbook readings, class lectures and discussions, and outside sources where appropriate.  


The best case analyses do not try to create endless lists of problem after problem.  The strongest analyses focus on one or two specific problems and fully develop and explain them in detail.  The same goes for the other two sections of the analysis.  Depth is valued over breadth.  Your analysis should be clear and concise, well-written with well-constructed arguments.  Ideally your problem will flow to your discussion of the nature of the associated competitive advantage which should then flow to your solution ideas.



The formatting of this assignment is very specific.  Each case analysis will consist of at least four paragraphs, one paragraph answering each of the three questions above.  Each paragraph should begin with a bolded topic sentence.  This means that the first sentence summarizes your answer and is to be literally printed in bold font.  You do not need to repeat the question – you need to start with your answer to each question.


• Please use in-text citations and attach a References page for all sources that you use.  


Evaluation Rubric:

Strategic problem 25%

Competitive advantage 25%

Solutions 25%

Overall writing/format 25%


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