Choose the response that is correct or that best answers the question.

A correct answer scores 1; an incorrect answer scores 0.
Marks will not be deducted for incorrect answers.
No marks will be given if more than one answer is completed for any question.
Question 1
The autonomic nervous system is composed of the nervous system and the nervous
A. sympathetic; parasympathetic
B. somatic; central
C. somatic; sympathetic
D. sympathetic; peripheral
Veronica was about to give a speech at her best friend’s 21st birthday party. She wants to give the speech,
but as she is always nervous with public speaking, Veronica has written some key points on cue cards to
help her with the stories that she wants to tell in her speech.
Question 2
Identify the division of Veronica’s nervous system that would be most active just before giving the speech and
one physiological change associated with this division of the nervous system.
Division of the nervous system Physiological change
A. central nervous system dilated pupils
B. sympathetic nervous system decreased heart rate
C. sympathetic nervous system slowing of digestion
D. parasympathetic nervous system increased heart rate
Question 3
Veronica has had a few glasses of wine before giving the speech. Which of the following best describes a
possible impact on Veronica’s cognitive functioning?
A. Veronica could become more emotional than expected while giving the speech
B. Veronica could have trouble focusing her eyes while reading the speech
C. Veronica could have trouble maintaining her balance while giving the speech
D. Veronica could have trouble remembering the stories that are part of her speech
Question 4
Veronica could be considered to be in an altered state of consciousness. Which of the following changes to
her psychological state would be expected in an altered state of consciousness?
A. having difficulty judging how long she had been speaking for
B. sticking to her speech with the use of her cue cards
C. focussing on the faces of the people standing around her
D. remembering how to turn the microphone on

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