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QuestionExplain the key ways in which the teachings of the Vedas influence the daily lives of Hindus.

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Vedas are ancient scriptures that have become the way of life for Indians who practice Hinduism. Many of the traditions of Indians can be traced back to the Vedic age. For example, Indians have traditionally become accustomed to living life based on a division of labor (Varna) or what we may know as caste systems. This way of life has become hereditary for Indians and can be traced back to the Vedic age. For the most part, Indians have incorporated ancient scripture (Vedas) into their daily lives. It can be seen in the many ways through which they worship, their religious tradition and philosophical systems.


Hello Professor and Classmates,

In order to give a good reply to this weeks discussion question I felt that more research was needed to find out about Vedas and my research answered a lot of questions and allowed me to understand Vedas better. In researching I found that Vedas derived from the root word “vid” which means to know. The Vedas are thus books of knowledge as seen by seers in the mind’s eye. The Veda is also a book of hymns written in the Sanskrit language. It covers various subjects, the nature to everyday life and behavior, and is the basis of all other religious writing. These scriptures guide Hindus in their daily lives and help preserve the religious dimensions of family and society. Vedas are voluminous works and they are divided into four different divisions.

1. The Samhitas – Which contain the collection of the original hymns in praise of various gods and goddesses

2. The Brahmans – Which discuss mainly the various aspects connected with the rituals.

3. The Aranyakas or the books of the forest – Which contain information on the nature and importance of sacrifices and their relation to man and the universe.

4. The Upanishads – Which form the end portions of the Vedas and constitute the Hindu Philosophy known as Vedanta.

The reason the four items was mentioned is because this is how the Hindus used Vedas on a day to day bases:

Hindus Day to Day living using Vedas four different divisions:

Samhitas is used for mantras, hyms, prayers, litanies and benedictions.

Brahmans is used for the ultimate reality underlying all phenomena in which Hindus believe.

Aranyakas is related to the forest by the Hindus which is belonging to the wilderness and the importance of the fire sacrifices.

Upanishads is used to show actions of the Hindu such as compassion, charity, self-restraint and ethical characteristics.

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