Diversity Questions With Peer Reviews

Answer all question thoroughly! only use sources given!! No need to write an essay just answer the questions

Answer the following questions and upload by end of day on Wednesday, April 7.

1) What was the first permanent (surviving) English settlement in the New World?  What was the major American Indian group that inhabited and controlled that area prior to the arrival of the English settlers?  Describe the interactions between those two groups.  How did they get along?  In what ways were the English reliant upon Powhatan’s people, and vice versa?  What were sources of conflict between them?

2) Describe the Triangle Trade and Mercantilism.

3) What were the similarities and differences between indentured servants and African slaves?  How was slavery a fundamental part of colonial societies in the Americas?

4) Who initially established Plymouth colony?  Why?  How was it different from the Virginia colony?

5) How did European migration to the English/British colonies change between the 1600s and the mid-1700s?  What groups of Europeans tended to settle where?

6) Describe the French and Indian War (part of the Seven Years War).  What factors motivated the French, the British, and American Indian tribes that allied with either side?

7) How did the French and Indian War ultimately lead to the colonies’ push for independence from Great Britain?

8) Describe the Enlightenment and the Great Awakening.

9) Compare the Declaration of Independence to George Mason’s Virginia Declaration of Rights.  How did Mason’s work influence Jefferson?




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