Economics Quiz Questions With Answers

_ is the extent to which a product or service lives up to its performance expectations.
Which of the following factors of consumer behavior deal with how people see, hear, touch, and smell and then interpret the world around them? a. Social factors b. Psychological or individual facto…
Identify and describe the psychological and functional factors that influence the consumer decision process.
Which specific determinants of consumer behavior might be used to explain an individual s decision to purchase an $800 pen? Explain.
The new advent of Neuromarketing has received a lot of publicity regarding marketing research. Discuss Neuromarketing and its future effects on consumer behavior(s).
In the Theory of Reasoned Action, the most important determinant of behavior is intention. \\ A. True B. False
Twitchell thinks brands have become our modern: a) Histories b) Dilemmas c) Myths
According to Fournier, why is the relationship metaphor appropriate for thinking about consumers and brands? \\ A) The shift from transactional to relational marketing. B) The emergence of the gi…
According to Andrew Potter, the quest for authenticity is the advertising equivalent of which the following? (a) The search for the holy grail. (b) The ultimate marketing position. (c) The funda…
Most stealing comes by virtue of customer behavior. a. True b. False
Briefly explain the following concept: Consumer Behavior.
Fill in the blank: In the case of situational influences, relates to the fact if we are in a store, point-of-purchase displays could influence us to buy something. We could also make unplanned purc…

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