ENGR 112 Spring 2018 In-Class Activities Matlab 8 This is a team exercise,… 1 answer below »

ENGR 112 Spring 2018 In-Class Activities Matlab 8 This is a team exercise,

ENGR 112 Spring 2018 In-Class Activities Matlab 8 This is a team exercise,

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American Society and Values Interviews – Chapter 3 Interview at least a minimum of any two people each coming from a different demographic group. (Married, Single, Divorced, with children or no children, ethnic background, gender, age group, etc.) You can select your two people to interview from people you know within your family, work, school, class, sports, etc. During your interviews, discuss views toward marriage, children, family, politics, education, religion, favorite brands, purchasing behaviors, lifestyle, hobbies, sports, personality, use of technology, view of society, etc. Here are some sample interview questions and discussion topics you can use. Please do not limit yourself to just these sample questions, be creative use your brain, stretch yourself, ask things that are applicable here, that you want to know about them. Again, you can use these and any other questions or topics you find interesting. Please! Sample Interview Questions & Discuss Topics: Are your married, single, divorced, or widowed? If you are currently single, do you wish to be married? If so, how do you view your future marriage and family? Do you have children? If so, how many and what are their ages? If you do not have children, do you want children someday? How do you imagine your life with children? How does your family impact your purchase behaviors when shopping for the following? Clothing Food, groceries How often do you go out to eat? And, where? Personal items Hobbies, sports, vacations, etc. What religion did your family most relate to while you were growing up? How did that religion impact any family decisions, holidays, purchases? What religion do you most relate to as an adult? Does that change from the religion you were introduced to as a child? How so? How does your current religion or spiritual beliefs impact your behaviors or purchases? Discuss your lifestyle. Eating out habits Vacations How do you spend your free time How many hours do you work per…


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