Ethical Topics for an Essay

  • 1Discuss what we should do about climate change.
  • What are the moral problems surrounding abortion?
  • Can we still justify eating meat?
  • Investigate the use of plastic in the beauty industry.
  • Is it unethical to be extremely rich?
  • Should you buy Nestlé products despite the fact that the company privatizes water?
  • Is the unequal distribution of wealth unethical?
  • Discuss how workplace ethics should take sexism into account.
  • What can we do to combat racism?
  • Why are LGBT+ people discriminated against?
  • Should euthanasia be legal?
  • Can war be ethical?
  • Should schools punish students for attending the Fridays for Future protests?
  • Would drug use be unethical if it were legal?
  • Explain the moral problems that come with automating jobs.

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