Ethics Questions and Answers

Evaluate the following statement: “Profit earning is the only objective of a business.”
A survey indicated that only about five percent of employees have observed unethical conduct on the job. Indicate whether the statement is true or false.
In which of the following cases does an organization take a narrow view of corporate social responsibility? A) BCT opts to offshore many of its processes in order to gain a dividend for its stockho…
Situation # 5: A Lack of Outrage: Larry is a young port engineer who works energetically for his shipping company, overseeing repairs and related projects. He is proud when put in charge of a multi…
Would it be ethical to require that every person be an organ donor? What are some of the ethical considerations involved in requiring all individuals to be organ donors? Use ethical theories to sup…
Indicate whether this statement is true or false. Surveys indicate that 25 \% of investors would move their account if they discovered the company was involved in unethical behavior.
According to the perspective of your text, taking office supplies home for personal use constitutes theft. Indicate whether the statement is true or false.
A physician has been using his own sperm for artificially inseminating his patients. Many children were conceived as a result of this physician s sperm having been implanted into the mothers, who a…
Ethical principles are important for all professions, but in the field of Psychology, it is essential. Why is this the case? Use references.
Is medically assisted dying ethically or legally permissible?
When whistleblowing, it is important to go to an outside source with your problem rather than your manager, who will simply try to cover up the problem. Indicate whether the statement is true or fa…
Ethical lapses caused by a chance to “get ahead” by taking some unethical action come about because of: A) a “bad apple.” B) a “bad barrel.” C) opportunity pressures. D) competitive pressures.
How are laws and ethics similar?
2. What steps would you take to deal with a supervisor who asks you to falsify the results of your cost estimation?
What is moral absolutism?
According to philosopher Immanuel Kant, [{Blank}] form the basis of all rights. A) individuality and happiness B) freedom and autonomy C) fairness and equitability D) justice and truth
New patient and ____________________ are the subcategories in the Office and Other Outpatient… 1 answer below New patient and ____________________ are the subcategories in the Office and Other…
Briefly discuss the following ethical theories: a) Egoism b) Utilitarianism c) Kant and Deontology
Choose one or more behaviors and explain why millennials might view their behavior as ethical.
This brief case involves an ethical issue that many future accounting graduates have faced in recent years. Internship programs are an important facet of the recruiting efforts of large accounting…

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