Ethics Questions and Answers

Former Enron Vice President Sherron Watkins used the ________ analogy to explain why executives at Enron engaged in unethical and illegal actions. A) borrowing earnings B) Napoleon complex C) moral…
The American Medical Association code of ethics is based on: a. the Principles of Medical Ethics b. the Oath of Medical Principles c. the Principles of a Physician’s Obligations d. the Moral Standi…
Terry has a long history of cheating on his expense accounts. As a result he engages in projection by checking extra carefully to see if any of his subordinates are cheating on their expense accoun…
Generally speaking, whistleblowers suffer some form of punishment for their actions even when they are in the right. Indicate whether this statement is true or false.
William Sharp was the sole shareholder and manager of Chickasaw Club, Inc., an S corporation that operated a popularWilliam Sharp was the sole shareholder and manager of Chickasaw Club, Inc., an S…
Which of the following ethical theories defines actions as right or wrong in and of themselves? a) Virtue-based ethics b) Conventionalism c) Consequentialism d) Deontology
How does an unethical business practice devalue the quality of the experience a customer has with a product or service? Furthermore, in what ways is the International Organization for Standardizati…
What justification do you think accountants use for their unethical behavior?
Literally the business philosophy of a company is mainly a very good predictor of profitability. True or false? Why? Explain and provide an example. Is this statement reasonable?
Natural law is that law which is based on the built-in sense of right and wrong believed to exist in every person at birth. A. True B. False
Which of the following is LEAST likely to convey signals to employees regarding ethical behavior? A) benefits plans B) incentive plans C) appraisal systems D) disciplinary procedures
Claiming Credit for Others’ Actions is an unintentional unethical behaviour. a. True b. False
Which of the following is not an example of moral emotions? A) sympathy for the suffering of others B) contempt for those who behave ethically C) guilt about our own immoral behavior D) anger a…
In 2011, the Ethics Resource Center found that ________ percent of employees surveyed had witnessed misconduct at work and ________ percent had reported it.
Explaining the benefits and costs of a treatment is considered the “complete informed patient” underlying value of medical ethics. a. True b. False
Compassion is an underlying value of medical ethics. a. True b. False
Describe two unethical financial reporting methods that could impact customers or shareholders.
According to research studies, unethical companies financially outperform ethical companies, although ethical companies are more successful in recruiting. Indicate whether this statement is true or…
Employees who report illegal or unethical behaviour on the part of others are known as A) stakeholders. B)
Employees who report unethical corporate behavior are primarily known as {Blank}. \\ A) whistleblowers B) consultants C) tipsters D) advisers

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