Ethics Questions and Answers

Individuals who report unethical practices by their employer to outsiders are known as: A) change agents B) boundary spanners C) early adopters D) whistle-blowers E) free riders
A consultant recently argued that the emphasis on corporate governance and social responsibility has distracted leaders from key business issues such as serving customers and beating competitors. D…
What are the four types of unintentional unethical behavior? Provide an example of unintentional unethical behavior
Give a summary on the article; “Is Business Bluffing Ethical?”
Why do we study the history of medicine?
What effect can unethical consumer behavior have on you?
A difficult choice between two moral principles that are in conflict with one another is known as a/an: A. ethical behavior B. gray area C. ethical dilemma D. pragmatism
A way for managers to respond to the problem of unethical behavior is to provide in-house advisors who can be contacted anonymously. a. True b. False
“Justifying Unethical Conduct” Unethical conduct is not necessarily illegal conduct; however, the difference between ethical and unethical conduct can be difficult to spot. Identify an example of…
Indicate whether the statement is true or false. The lure of money and the pressure to compete at the top level are sometimes so great that college officials may be willing to subvert the rules and…
Identify and define each of the three dominant ethical theories in Western philosophy.
Which of the following types of studies violates the ethical code of the American Psychological Association? a) Studies that administer placebo treatments. b) Studies that ask about private infor…
What is the name given to philosophers who attempt to use only one ethical approach to ethical questions? A. ethical pluralists. B. utilitarians C. ethical monists. D. deontologists
A Kantian ethical approach applies to which sort of general ethical approach? A. deontological B. special C. teleological D. theological
Match the ethical theory with the duty, to tell the truth: Rule utilitarianism, Virtue Ethics, Individual Relativism, Act utilitarianism, Kantian ethics, Ethical relativism, Custom Ethics, General…
Define ascetic
a. What is the advantage of a patient portal for the patient? b. How can a patient portal benefit the healthcare organization?
What is ethical naturalism?
What is unethical behavior? Explain.
Define whistle blowing.

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