Explain how human behavioral and social factors influence decision-making in organizations.?… 1 answer below »

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1. Explain how human behavioral and social factors influence decision-making in organizations.? Use relevant sources to construct and support a written academic argument.? Critically evaluate the limitations of rational decision-making process models applied in organizations.

2. Demonstrate the ability to reflect on own decision-making in an organizational setting, as well as the

the decision-making of others.Evidence of one or more years (ABOVE the minimum admission requirements) in a supervisory, management or professional position; based on which the applicant is able to provide evidence of:? Use organizational examples, explain how factors such as the personality, perceptions, attitudes, beliefs, and values of individuals or groups have influenced decision-making processes or outcomes;? Use of a variety of sources to inform decision-making at work and/or in organizations e.g. data/evidence of various kinds; expert government, industry or company reports; and/or academic sources;? Actions to improve own decision-making skills or skills of others in an organization (e.g. courses are taken, response to performance appraisal/360 degree feedback);

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