Explaining the reasons for wanting to do graduate work at the Masdar Institute of Engineering…

Please help me to write an assay statement of objectives:

Guidelines for statement of objectives

Explaining the reasons for wanting to do graduate work at the Masdar Institute of Engineering Systems and Management. (I suggest you to check their website to have an idea).


Please write the following in 400 words …

Your statement of objectives should describe:

· How you think about the world and your professional objectives

· The issues or problems you want to address during your studies at Masdar Institute and the setting in which you eventually see yourself working professionally

· How your previous studies and work experience (if any) relates to what you propose to do at Masdar Institute

· Why you are applying to Masdar Institute and the specific program

· Other matters you think are important for us to know

Document Preview:

Student Name : Amal Abdulla Saeed Al Sharhan Al Nuaimi Student ID : 950001348 Undergraduate Programs Credential Status Program Major Cumulative Award Date Honors Academic Campus GPA Standing Certificate Awarded Computer Information Not Applicable 18-Jun-1997 Ras Al Khaimah Processing Women’s College Diploma Awarded Computer Information 3.42 20-Jan-1999 Ras Al Khaimah Processing Women’s College Bachelor of Applied In Progress Information Systems 3.53 Good Standing Abu Dhabi Women’s Science (Business Solutions) College Subj No Course Title Credit Grade Subj No Course Title Credit Grade Certificate 199501 – Fall 1995 COMP 2245 Hardware Fundamentals 5.00 C 199501 – Fall 1995 ENGL 2105 Business English I 10.00 B BUSI 1221 The Business Environmental 8.00 P ENGL 2205 Business English II 10.00 B CARE 1140 Career Orientation 3.00 P Semester GPA : 2.90 Semester Credits : 50.00 CARE 1241 Career Orientation 1.00 P 199602 – Spring 1997 COMP 1130 Computer Literacy 5.00 P COMP 2341 Dataprocessing 5.00 B COMP 1231 Computer Literacy 2 4.00 P COMP 2343 Desktop Publishing 5.00 B ENGL 1100 Literacy Bridge 12.00 P COMP 2345 Introduction to Networks 5.00 B ENGL 1201 English & Math for Business 9.00 P COMP 2441 Skills Transfer 5.00 B INDE 1150 Independent Learning Skills 2.00 P COMP 2443 Integrating Packages 5.00 A INDE 1251 Independent Learning Skills 1.00 P COMP 2445 Computer HelpDesk Operations I 5.00 B MATH 1110 Numeracy Bridge 3.00 P ENGL 2305 Business English III 10.00 B MATH 1211 Practical Numeracy 2.00 P ENGL 2405 Business English IV 10.00 B PROJ 1160 Term Project 25.00 A* PROJ 2464 Work Placement/Work Simulation 1.00 B* PROJ 1261 Term Project 25.00 C* Semester GPA : 3.10 Semester Credits : 51.00 Semester GPA : Not Applicable Semester Credits : 100.00 Awarded Certificate in Computer Information Processing 199502 – Spring 1996 Not Applicable Cumulative GPA : BUSI 1321 Basic Business Applications 8.00 P Award Date : 18-Jun-1997 BUSI 1400 Ordering Processing…


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