For the project this session, your focus is on developing a system for entry-exit into the…

For the project this session, your focus is on developing a system for entry-exit into the 24-hour dining café which serves a number of cuisines round the clock. All food and drink is included in the annual residential fee. However, for kitchen control purposes, a recording system of some sort is required and this is part of the task. The project also seeks to poll residents the type of cuisines they want so that an appropriate changeover can happen in the next quarter. For the purposes of this assignment if you do not want to name the cuisines – you may use Cuisine A, Cuisine B and so on. It can be provisioned in a multi-caterer environment or a single contractor environment. You will need to plan how to roll out services of this dining café starting January 2020. Unfortunately, a previous company running this project has gone bankrupt and this project is abandoned. All their company executives and ex-employees are no longer around for hire. Here are some of the conditions that they have worked upon which your team must continue to honour due to contractual obligations with the university. 1. The café is to be operated by four big food providers: Australia Fried Chicken (serving fried chicken, chips and salad) SandwichWay (serving open sandwich with a multitude of add-ons) Hungry Kebabs (serving kebabs and meat platters) Rice, Lentils & Curries (serving savory food from the Asian sub-continent) 2. All outlets will have to be open 24 hours, 7 days per week. However, menu may vary after hours.


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