Georgia State University Constructive Perception and Expert Opinion Essay




Suppose that a friend tells you the following story: One night, I went to a graveyard with a group of people that wanted to have a paranormal experience. At first I was skeptical, but they all had a lot of stories about how this graveyard was haunted, and I started to get spooked out. It was really dark that night, cloudy with no moonlight. As we walked through the graveyard, I started to get nervous. Then suddenly I heard a sound like a footstep, and turned and looked and saw a white wispy figure in the distance! I ran out of the graveyard as fast as I could. I never used to believe in ghosts, but now I do!

What is reasonable to think: is this story likely to be true? Did your friend see a ghost? How could the various cognitive biases or the constructive nature of perception play into what your friend experienced? Explain and support your answers with reasons.

Essay should be at least 550 words or longer

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