Health Care Communication & Intercultural Relationship Discussion





Assignment 1


SEE-I Ch. 3 – Chapter 3 Lecture Slides – CLASS BOOK HERE – (Understanding Human Communication / Edition 13)


  • File Types pdf; and doc
  • Read the “Rice, Spoons and Forks” narrative, found here. Then read Ch. 3 and reflect on how the narrative and chapter text connect to the following prompt:

The cultural dimension (from Hofstede’s cultural dimensions theory) that I believe has most affected the author is…


Please review the handout on SEE-I formatting to answer this prompt. Located here. 


Assignment 2


Chapter 3 Discussion – Lecture Response


After reading the textbook for chapter 3 and reviewing the lecture material, answer the following prompt based off one of the three categories presented below in your own words.

Your choices are “How does culture effect…”

  1. Work force
    • What kind of work do you plan to do?
    • What implications do you foresee for your career based on increasingly diverse societies?
  2. Health Care Communication
    • Does your family have any “home remedies” for health care related to your culture?
    • How does that connect or disconnect from standard U.S. healthcare practices?
  3. Intercultural Relationship Satisfaction
    • Can you give examples of when culture became a factor in a friendship or romantic relationship?
    • How would learning about the other’s culture ahead of time have helped your relationship?
    • What differences, obstacles and/or challenges might you expect to encounter in an IC relationship or marriage? What rewards?

Your response should be 1-2 (4-8 sentences) paragraphs in length

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