Health Questions

  • Are any pills perfectly safe?
  • Can a man’s testosterone be boosted naturally?
  • Did cancer exist before man-made chemicals were around to create it?
  • Do humans give off radiation?
  • Does licorice cause high blood pressure?
  • How can Lyme disease last for years?
  • How do antibiotics kill viruses?
  • How do baby walkers teach a baby to walk sooner?
  • How do carrots help you see in the dark?
  • How do magnets heal?
  • How do vaccines cause autism?
  • How do your intestines detox your body?
  • How does dust get in a house when the doors and windows are always closed?
  • How does ice cream in your stomach cause a headache?
  • How does not washing your hands make you a healthier person?
  • How long can you wait after dropping food on the ground to eat it without having germs attached? Some say it’s a five-second rule, others say ten.
  • How long do you have to exercise for it to count?
  • How much extra radiation am I exposed to if I stick my hand in the microwave right after it turns off?
  • How often should hydrogen peroxide be used to treat wounds?
  • I know anything from a plant is safe to eat, but anything from a lab can be dangerous. How can I tell if something came from a plant or a lab?
  • Is fruit juice healthier than whole fruit?
  • What is the debate over vaccines?
  • What is the most harmful pseudo-science?
  • What part of the brain is hurt when you get headaches?
  • What should I do if I can’t swallow pills?
  • When someone’s heart skips a beat, what is wrong with his heart?
  • Why are cancer mortality rates rising?
  • Why do cold temperatures give you a cold?
  • Why do heart attacks always cause chest pain?
  • Why do humans crave sugary foods? Shouldn’t evolution lead us to crave healthy foods?
  • Why do women get more tooth problems during pregnancy?
  • Why does chocolate cause acne?
  • Why does mainstream medicine only treat patients with drugs?
  • Why don’t dark-skinned people get sunburns?
  • Why isn’t there just one cure for cancer?

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