History Questions and Answers

What is prehistory and protohistory?
What is popular history?
Why is history called the source of all knowledge?
Why was Belle Boyd important?
How did the Civil War affect Indian Territory?
What general pattern did Eusebius see in human history?
Presentism maintains that: a. the present state of a discipline is the most important b. to truly understand something you must be present to observe it c. it is important to understand the past in…
What is the difference between history and human science?
Which statement is true regarding the study of history? a. Although sometimes interesting, history is, after all, the story of the past and of little importance today. b. Early histories tend t…
Which statement describes the importance of trends in studying and understanding the history of Psychology? a. Studying trends in Psychology is almost impossible because there is so much variety…
How are historians persuaded by their own biases, motivations, and influences of their time?

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