How to write a compelling nursing essay.

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Many nursing students find it difficult to write a compelling nursing personal statement. Nursing is a challenging, demanding role, and to get into the top schools you need to demonstrate your commitment and passion for the field in your nursing school application essay. Try these tips for writing a compelling nursing essay.

Start researching early.

Nursing is a highly competitive field, and the essays you write are the first step in your career. It’s important to start researching early so that you have enough time to do thorough research and avoid writing an essay that is too similar to others.

Examine the criteria closely to see how many words you can use.

The word count for each section varies, so you should check the submission guidelines carefully before submitting. The introduction should be between 300 and 500 words in total; the conclusion, around 100 to 200 words; and the body of your paper, 1,500 to 2,000 words.

The reference list also has a specific limit: it should consist of 10 sources at most (and 6 at least). If you’re working with an undergraduate institution or program that does not require references but does ask for a title page and bibliography/reference list at the end of your essay—which many do—then those sections will have different limits too (e.g., 150–200 words for titles; 10–12 sources for bibliographies).

Read past examples of nursing essays that have been accepted.
Look for examples of nursing essays that have been accepted in the past.

Look on the internet. You can find many examples of published writing that colleagues have done, and nursing journals often publish a few sample essays each year.

Look in your files. If you are lucky enough to have access to a library at work or school, search through some of their nursing textbooks for published essays that fit your topic and style.

Decide on a theme or topic for your essay.
Decide on a theme or topic for your essay. Make sure it is relevant to the nursing profession and the course you are writing for.

Make sure it is relevant to the assignment you are writing for.

Write an outline and stick to it.
A good outline is your guide to writing a compelling essay. It not only helps you stay on track, but it also helps you organize your thoughts and create a logical flow. Your outline should include the following:

Introduction. This is where you will introduce yourself, explain why you are writing this essay, and tell us what question(s) we need to consider in the body paragraphs that follow. You may also want to include other information about yourself such as where you go to school or live, for example: “I currently attend XYZ University.”

First body paragraph — Topic sentence 1 — Supporting details 1-3 (if needed) — Conclusion/transition into a second body paragraph

Second body paragraph — Topic sentence 2 — Supporting details 4-6 (if needed)

Third body paragraph…

Make sure that you have time left over for proofreading and editing.
Proofreading is the most important part of writing a good essay. Once you have finished, go back through your essay and check for spelling, grammar, and word repetition. Also, read over each sentence carefully so that your ideas flow smoothly from one paragraph to another and are organized in an easy-to-follow format.

Finally, once your entire essay has been proofread for spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and word repetitions, look at how well written it is overall. Does it flow well? Do the paragraphs make sense? Is there anything confusing in any part of it? If not then congratulations! You are done with this stage of writing an essay!

Nursing essay writing can be hard but it’s not impossible if you follow these tips.
Nursing essay writing can be challenging for some students. The key to writing a compelling nursing essay is starting early and reading past examples of accepted essays. It’s also important to decide on a topic or theme when writing the paper, as this will help guide you through the process.

A good outline can make all the difference in your nursing essay and its success; it helps keep you organized and on track with your ideas, which makes it easier for you to write an effective paper!


One of the most important aspects of writing a nursing essay is the time you dedicate to it. The process can take several hours, so don’t skip out on this part. For starters, find some online sources that provide tips and examples, and work through them one at a time as you research your topic. This will help to prepare you for what type of nursing essays have been accepted in the past. You should also take note of any common themes or subjects that other people have written about, which will help inform your essay. Lastly, just like with anything else in life, you shouldn’t try to rush this process—we all know how hard it can be to get something done quickly when all you want to do is push start!

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