HRMT20028 Organisational Change Management – Analyse and evaluate Woolworths Supermarket current… 1 answer below »

Assessment Task

Students will undertake an analysis of an organisational case study. The chosen organisation is

Woolworths Supermarket. The case study is selected due to recent proposed changes and reforms

for implementation by the company.

Students are required to undertake the following in developing responses to this assessment task:

Review and analyse the most recent annual report of the company. A company annual report

typically outlines the organisations performance, challenges, organisational strategy and governance


Review both the company’s internal news and other media releases that relate to the company’s

performance, leadership, human resources and changes. Students are also encouraged to review

other documents available on the company’s website to understand their performance and

contributing factors.

Analyse and evaluate Woolworths Supermarket current situation focusing on key change

management theories, models and concepts.

Once you have reviewed and analysed the various information sources prepare a report which

analyses the following issues. Use key change management models, concepts and theories as an

analytical frame.

a) Outline key changes and reforms that have already been implemented by Woolworths

Supermarkets. Identify also those changes and strategies that have proposed for future


b) Identify and discuss those factors that are driving the need for change.

c) Identify human resource development strategies that have been implemented and/or

proposed by Woolworths Supermarkets to overcome any resistance to change.

d) Analyse how Woolworths Supermarkets has aligned its future strategies to manage

change and innovation in a global business environment?


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