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Assessment Description

From an organizational standpoint, identify a patient safety clinical problem that requires resolution. Using systems thinking and literature from this course and your own research, suggest one possible solution to address the issue. In 1,250-1,500 words, include the following:


Describe the change management strategy you would use to address the patient safety clinical problem.

Describe the stakeholders.

Describe the type of change anticipated.

Discuss how you would engage stakeholders.

Outline how you would communicate the change to all stakeholders. Indicate how often you would communicate progress of the change.

If an adjustment is needed, explain how and when you would communicate what is needed.

Explain how the Christian worldview factors into the decisions you have made.

Three to five scholarly resources, in addition to information from your textbook.


Description of the change management strategy used to address the patient safety clinical problem is clear, concise, and makes connections to current research.

Description of the stakeholders is clear and concise.

Description of the type of change anticipated is clear, concise, and makes connections to current research.

Discussion of how stakeholders would be engaged is clear, concise, and makes connections to current research.

Outline how change would be communicated to stakeholders is clear, concise, and includes how often the progress of the change would be communicated.

Explanation of how and when to communicate adjustments in objectives and goals is clear and concise.

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