Ian Smith is the CEO of a data analytics company in Melbourne, Australia. Ian Smith requested…

Ian Smith is the CEO of a data analytics company in Melbourne, Australia. Ian Smith requested

you to consult them in updating their infrastructure in such a way that it enables their

employees to work from home. The employees of analytics company are working with health

dataset and they have to comply with the government and international regulations. The

company is currently hosting all data sets inside an on premise server. The company has

provided company laptops to its employees, in which they do not have administrative


You also have noticed that, once all the employees are allowed to connect to the on premise

from home, the network perimeter devices and WAN links of the company will not be

sufficient to handle the load of incoming traffic.

Considering all these factors, you decided to use a public cloud platform and enable most of

the employees to access data sets from the public cloud. The senior data scientists are only

allowed to access the on premise server. The changes conducted by senior data scientists will

be synced with the public cloud.

Task 1: Review the article, “Issues And Challenges of Data Security In A Cloud Computing

Environment”, to develop an understanding of the cloud platform and security aspects. The

Article is uploaded on the LMS.


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