Identify the manager or individual or department to implement the decision provide a detailed… 1 answer below »

I have an assignment that was 3 parts this the last part you guys already done the first two parts . I do need adjustments made on the first part because I received a failing grade for both weeks.Week #6:

V. How to Implement the Decision

Identify the manager or individual or department to implement the decision provide a detailed account of how the decision will be implementedState how the decision will be communicated through the organization using tips from Chapter 13 – CommunicationState how will you deal with resistance to changeConsider content in Chapter 10 – Leadership and Chapter 11 – Motivating PeopleVI. Evaluate the Decision

State who will be responsible for evaluating the decisionState what data will be collected to evaluate the decisionProvide an illustration of how the decision will be examined through the control process in Exhibit 14.4 I Chapter 14-Managerial ControlState how the decision will be evaluated and monitored; for example performance appraisals, quarterly reports, written reports, personal observations, monthly progress meetingsConsider content in Chapter 14 – Managerial ControlCompile all stages I-VI into one final report and make any necessary revisions cited by the instructor during weeks 3 and 5.You must enter estimated numbers in the table to illustrate how the financial position of the company will change based on your selected choice.this a textbook assignment that needs to be done by 5pm today because I was under the impression that you guys would fix it by Feb 21st due date. I attached the professor feedback and example on some of the things professor is looking forplease let me know how much this will

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