Juvenile delinquency Citation from our textbook: “Many “cutters”-as I would soon find out Amber…

Juvenile delinquency

Citation from our textbook: “Many “cutters”-as I would soon find out Amber was-have a history of trauma. When they mutilate themselves, they can induce a dissociative state, similar to the adaptive response they’d had during the original trauma. Cutting can be soothing to them because it provides and escape from anxiety, caused by revisiting traumatic memories or just the challenges of everyday life.”

What is the relationship between cutting and juvenile delinquency? After you answer the question, tell me about a celebrity or someone significant in your life who has dealt with cutting.






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Children can also be victims of trauma and just like any other person, and can result to different ways of escaping from their traumatizing memories. Some people engage in cutting of various parts of their bodies to cope with intense pressure. Children and teenagers who have the habit of committing criminal acts and offences may result to cutting themselves.

            A lot of times, children who engage in criminal activities are under pressure from their parents, the relevant authorities and the society at large. Many times they are also frustrated about how their lives turned…..


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