Lombardi Electronics David Dlaton was the marketing VP for Lombardi Electronics.. Ten months earler

Lombardi Electronics David Dlaton was the marketing VP for Lombardi Electronics.. Ten months earler he had appointed Edward Corelli as the manager of a newly formed marketing unit for th eastern region of the states. The unit was responsible for developing marketing presentations, advertising campaigns, and promotions for the sale of Lombardi electronic products in the eastern region. The unit had six marketing specialist; two were long-time employees and the other four were newly hired.

Edward was promoted to the position of manager based on his good reputation as a marketing specialist in central corporate offices. Even though the eastern unit was newly formed, David expected it performance to be better by now. The marketing unit for the western region was newly formed at the same time as the eastern unit, and it had higher performance and better margins. Dan wondered what to do. He reflected on the comments made by some of Ed's subordinates when he asked them how they liked working for Edward.

Pat Pouller had worked for lombardi Electronics for nearly ten years. He commented that Edward was a “great manager-one of the best that he had ever had”, Pat ssid that what he especially lked about Edward was that he gave him “complete disretion to plan the marketing campaigns for his products.” Pat said that he enjoyed the autonomy and that if he had a problem, Edward encouraged him to look at the problem from maby different perspectives. Pat said that this realy heped him to learn how to move quickly and effectivey solve problems. Pat also said that when he made a mistake, Edward never became upset; instead he expected Pat to learn from it and not make the same mistake again. In addition, Pat said that he was impressed by the recognition Edward gave him in the monthy meetings for his good work – and that Edward told him that he would try to get him a raise.

Katie O'Toole, one of the new employees, was less satisfied with Edward as a manager. “I just wish he would give me more direction. He is always pushing me to make my own decisions. Maybe i had more experience, i would like it, but right now it only makes me feel insecure and incompetent. When i go to him with a problem and a question, he just turns the question around and asks me what i would do? If i had an answer, i wouldn't go to him – would i? And when i make a mistake, he doesn't seem to care— he doesn't get angry—he just makes me do it again and helps me understand where and why the mistake happened. It doesn't make sense to me it – it would save a lot of time and effort if he just told me from the beginning what to do and i did it!!!

Kate also compalined that Edward seemed to like the two employees who had been with the company for a long time. She noted that “he gives them the most interesting assignments, consults with them about his plans for the unit and recommended a larger pay increase for them”.

Question 1: What type of a leader is Edward? Should he change his leadship style? If so, what type of leadership style is appropriate to carry everyone in the company along?

Question 3: What are the salient issues addressed by this case?

Question 4: What recommendations can be given to increase performance in the company?

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