M8D1: PREJUDICE & DISCRIMINATION IN THE WORKPLACEPSY375: FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY250 WORDSAlthough not always blatant, discrimination and prejudice are still prevalent in society to this day. In the workplace, where diverse groups are brought together, often as a cohesive team, cultural differences can often be misinterpreted. However, in some instances, certain groups may not even be hired, let alone be put in a position to interact with others in such a manner. This may be due tosubtle or even inadvertent discrimination or prejudice.Considering everything that you have reviewed so far, respond to the following:• You are to assume the role of a forensic psychologist, hired as a human resources consultant for a major firm. What guidelines would you prescribe to prevent, mitigate, or eliminate subtle prejudice and discrimination in the hiring process? This isnot just your opinion. Make sure you substantiate your recommendations with literature and scholarly resources that address this issue.

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