Machiavelli’s Reflection on Renaissance Values and Concepts Assignment

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the class is history .. the works are 3 essays with one paragraph for each, and one long essay with 3 paragraph. the works must and should be from the sources i would send them to you, and i would send the question to you as well. thanks

like the Renaissance, Reformation, Atlantic Voyages, Scientific Revolution, and Enlightenment change the way people in the West understood the world around them? 3. Identify and explain the key causal factors for the French Revolution. Long Essay: The French Revolution was meant to be a seminal moment in the identification and application of universal human rights and natural law. How did revolutionaries in France debate, implement, and even violate, concepts of natural human rights emanating from the Enlightenment? How were notions of equality defined, discussed, turned into policy, and undermined over the course of the Revolution? cs Scane
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