Medical Radiation Technologist: Radiology- PBL Case Study Assignment Case scenario: You are on…

Medical Radiation Technologist: Radiology- PBL Case Study Assignment

Case scenario:

You are on duty at 9pm as a medical radiation technologist (MRT) in the department and your partner who is an emergency department registrar and who is coincidently also on duty that day.

You are working with Dr. B an intern in the department. He is helping you to review images to develop your recognition skills. She is called by the triage nurse to attend to Ms. Z who has presented with a 6 months’ low back pain.

The 80-year-old female who presents to the department of radiology with mechanical low back pain left L3 radiculopathy and neurogenic claudication. Ms. Z presented with a 6 months’ history of progressively worsening left leg pain. she complains of left buttock pain that radiates through his thighs and calves. Pain is exacerbated by standing and ambulation. she is hard to walk for more than 20 minutes or 2 to 3 blocks due to pain. She considers lower extremity pain to significantly affect her quality of life and has recently experienced weight gain due to inability to remain active. Before she gets retired she was working in the transport industry and sitting 8 hours a day in the chair and did not have an active life. her husband was died as kidney cancer 8 years ago. She lives alone and sometimes feeling lonely and get depressed. Her son lives in another city because of his work and he sometimes visit her. She has a personal care assistant who can cook, clean the house and take her to an appointment.

Prior Treatment
Previously, Ms. Z has tried basic non-operative treatments (mainly physical therapy), chiropractic treatment, massage, and epidural steroid injections (ESIs). but she has not found relief.

Ms. Z gives a note from physical therapy to Dr. B which asked a doctor a series of lumbar spine x-ray plus flexion and extension projection for a checkup of her progression.
Dr. B says that The physical exam reveals that she is neurovascular intact. Dr. B orders a series of lumbar spine x-ray plus flexion and extension projection. You take the patient into the x-ray room and positioned her correctly and prepare her for an x-ray. When it is completed you make sure she is taken back to the waiting room by her personal assistant and archive the images, check them for quality and then send them on for review and reporting.

2 days later Ms. Z comes back to the department for her report result. The Dr. B explained that the report, the examination we conducted it looks like you have degenerative lumbar scoliosis with spinal stenosis.
There are some other things to think about, ‘says Dr. B.’ I have sent a note to the neurology and orthopedic department registrar for an appointment for you. You need a specialist consultation. They will call you as soon as your name come on the waiting list. Can you give me a contact number? Ms. Z personal assistant gives her mobile number.


This individual PBL case study extension activity is designed to allow you demonstrate an advanced knowledge and integration of the processes that contribute to the medical imaging case management of a chosen PBL Case scenario.
This assessment task is an introductory level case study report, which is to be based on your individual analysis, and interpretation, of One of the PBL case study scenario’s. This is to be selected from any of the first four cases that we will complete.

Drawing on the experience and content themes that you have assimilated from PBL case discussions in your PBL Group – Develop an individual Case profile, and integrated review of the case from your own individual perspective, using the following response rubric (next page) as a framework for structuring, and completing, your report:

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