Montana Tech of the University Micro and Macro Economics Questions




Please answer the homework questions in each chapter.

CH13 questions 1,6,12, see CH13 notes for help.
CH14 questions 2,7,10, see CH14 notes for help
Ch15 questions 8,9,14,15, see CH15 notes for help
CH16 question 1,9, question 1 is on a different attached file.

Please write 4 different discussions that are at least 100 words each about the following.

1- Currently the Federal debt is approximately $20 Trillion ($20,000,000,000,000). Provide arguments for and against the Federal debt and deficit spending

2- Why do banks have to be involved in the money creation process? Can’t the government just print more cash as needed?

3- What should the Federal Reserve do if it wishes to slow down the economy’s inflation rate? Also, is monetary policy necessary? Isn’t discretionary fiscal policy enough?

4- What advice would you give to the current administration regarding the use of tariffs on goods imported from China? Who is paying for any of these assess tariffs?

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