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Complete work for a cover letter and use the objective file to keep on track. Major is Architectural engineering


Professional photographer (2012-present)

Taking photographs and videos in major events

  • Determining appropriate images and picture compositions as per clients’ requisitions.
  • Enhancing, retouching and resizing photographs and negatives to suit customer specifications.
  • Creating artificial lighting to decorate venues.
  • Application of scientific procedures and photographic technology and techniques to photograph subject material.

Architectural Engineer Solar Team Project (2014-present)

  • Selecting and recommending appropriate inputs for a given construction.
  • Monitoring construction activities to ensure adherence to building and construction regulations.
  • Conducting cost estimates to determine estimates of construction materials.
  • Making adjusting on heating and lighting systems to enhance the safety of the occupants.

Computer Skills

AutoCAD Revit Photoshop Adobe After Effect Excel
Photo Recap auto desk
Document Preview:

DRAFTING THE COVER LETTER I. Introduction a. State your main purpose i. What is the purpose of your letter? ii. For example, “I am writing to apply for the editing position currently available at Google.” b. Introduce yourself i. Tell readers a little about yourself ii. For example, “I am currently a senior working toward earning a Bachelor of Science degree in technical communication.” II. Body a. Offer background information i. What are the soft skills you cannot elaborate on in your resume? 1. “I am a very organized individual.” 2. “I work well in teams.” ii. Avoid repeating the information found in your resume. 1. “I worked for Lexmark for three years.” a. You can make this reference, but you should expand on it rather One of the most than repeat it. commonly made mistakes in any cover b. “During my time with Lexmark, I found that I work best when challenged.” letter. 2. “I can use Microsoft Word quite well.” a. Again, you can make this reference, but you should expand on it rather than repeat it. b. “I’ve used Microsoft Word extensively to create a number of grant proposals.” Failing to maintain a b. Maintain a strong reader focus throughout reader focus is i. How do your qualifications meet the employer’s needs? another of the most ii. Rather than writing in “I,” “me,” and “my,” try to write in “you.” commonly made III. Conclusion mistakes. a. Repeat your purpose for writing i. “I believe you would find me a great addition to Google as an editor.” ii. Avoid repeating this purpose word-for-word. b. Make a specific call to action i. What action do you want your reader to take? ii. For example, “Please contact me via email if you would like to schedule an interview to discuss my qualifications further.”

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