Research Question & Hypothesis

By completing your annotated bibliography you have already become more informed about your topic. This make you uniquely qualified to develop a Research Question and Hypothesis, which will be influenced by what you are reading.

In some ways, this is just the next evolution of your introduction, especially that last paragraph. If so, this process should be pretty easy. However, it might be that through your reading you have become better informed and so are ready to clarify your research or perhaps even modify your direction slightly. Either way, by writing this Research Question we will also be requiring you to articulate a Hypothesis, which represents what you believe your research will confirm. This requires you to be very specific about what you believe your research will prove.

Once you submit your Research Question and Hypothesis these will become the guiding aspects of your research. Later you will be addressing whether your hypothesis was right or wrong as part of your Findings/Conclusion. Don’t worry though – right or wrong has nothing to do with your grade. In fact, many times a wrong hypothesis can be as informative as a correct one. The point is not whether you are right or wrong, but what the research says. So, no worries.

As you write your Research Question and Hypothesis, keep in mind that a Research Question tends to represent the broader focus of the research, where a Hypothesis tends to be predictive of some outcome that the research will need to address. That means we want you to be as specific as possible with your hypothesis – take a position.

You may want to write multiple questions and hypotheses before deciding on one set. Think of it as trying on clothes – by creating multiple statements you get a chance to see which ones work best for you.


Research Question


Is corporal punishment an effective technique to shape behavior?

Corporal punishment is not an effective method of behavior management in children, as it leads to further aggression or mental instability.

Is corporal punishment an effective technique to shape behavior?

Corporal punishment is an effective means of behavior management and does not result in negative emotional residue.

That is the second part of the assignment.  Still on “moral Development”

Please let me know if you will be able to do it.

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