no special format neeeded..just answer the given questions below..paragraph each will be great.. DUE

no special format neeeded..just answer the given questions below..paragraph each will be great..

DUE tomorrow afternoon,,if you are using any sources please provide them..thanks






Nikon Corporation has built a training system based on the ability indicators linked with its personnel system. It offers a range of educational courses and systems for employees to receive new skills training according to their current level and job description. The available sessions are divided into three types: mandatory training, business skills training (including foreign language training), and engineer training. In the year ended March 31, 2015, Nikon Corporation held a total of 166 mandatory training and business skills training courses, which were attended by a total of 3,570 employees. In addition, 278 engineer training courses were held for a total of 4,202 employees.
An average Nikon Corporation employee spent 2.44 days in training during the year. Employees of Nikon Group companies in Japan also participated in training sessions of Nikon Corporation, and the Group companies provide their employees with their own human resource development and training programs.


 Do you feel that this much training is sufficient or too much? Or does it depend on the company culture?



In some organizations, as individuals retire and/or leave jobs that have had for over 10 years, organizations suffer if they have not properly documented the process. Even by creating a single training event or program, organizations are still not able to transfer the tacit knowledge learned through experiences and shared interactions. With the millenials entering the work force and changing jobs more frequently, how will organizations have to adapt to the lack of tacit knowledge?

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