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What is a Dissertation?

You have likely encountered many types of writings during your studies. You’ve probably encountered all types of writings, including assignments, term papers and research projects. You will be surprised to learn that All this writing was done to prepare you to face the future. However, none of this writing is comparable to making your dissertation or thesis.

The nursing dissertation paper will be the longest and most difficult paper you’ll have to write at this stage of your studies. This document will require you to do extensive research over several months. You will need 100% accuracy for your information, as well as a reliable and appropriate methodology to conduct your research. You will need to make room for future research.

In other words, your dissertation must yield real-world results. This is the study you will do towards developing nursing. You will need research to prove your idea is feasible in the field. This is no easy task and requires a lot of hard work.

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Title page: This is the first page of your dissertation. Here you will place your title and author information. This page will be your first step in writing your nursing dissertation. However, it may include instructions on how many words you should use.

Abstract In this section of your paper you will need to give a summary of the research you are doing. The audience will need to be able to read 300 words about your work.

Content table In this section of your paper you will guide the audience to the right places for each heading and sub-heading. A table of content will be created that lists the headings you’ll use in your research, as well as the page numbers. This will make it easy for your audience to locate your content while they are reading your paper.

Introduction This is typically about 10% of the entire dissertation. This section of the paper is where you introduce your topic and explain what the paper will look like. A well-thought out thesis statement is required to guide you through the writing process. Your thesis must be considered critically as you will have to defend it throughout your research.

Methodology In this section, indicate the method you used in your research. You can choose to be quantitative or qualitative. This section will be used to help you interpret the results later.

Literature Review: This is an area of your paper where you will perform a critical and detailed analysis of the literature based on your topic.

Conclusion: This is the final part of your dissertation. It’s the place where you must close the paper in the most exact way possible. The conclusion could be a repetition of the introductory paragraph. This is the final part of your essay, and it must be done properly. This is the most important part of your paper and it should be concise. However, it should highlight the most important findings from your research.

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