Objective – To define and create an FEA model that accurately represents/portrays a real life…

1.4.1 Objective 1

1st Objective – To define and create an FEA model that accurately represents / portrays a real

life ballistic impact.

Result parameters – the thickness of plate at which the bullets no longer penetrate. The total

depth of dent for the plates which did not penetrate. And for all, the diameter of influence,

Determine what details of the model really influence. Spinning, the rifling marks – What details

can we exclude to simplify the analysis

1.4.2 Objective 2

2nd Objective – Changing parameters to optimise or get least damage / penetration. Optimise

the effectiveness of the armour, for the least amount of material. – Change the number and

thickness of plates, the angle. Measure visuually if penetration occurs

1.4.3 Objective 3

3rd Objective – modelling the different ammunition types to analyse the impact. Measure the

plastic deformation, energy, strain.


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