prepare a PowerPoint presentation.

For this assignment, prepare a PowerPoint presentation on the topic you selected from the discussion HR Topic Presentation Sharing. Your audience is comprised of non-HR managers, who need to know how this topic applies to their role in the employee and employer relationship. Be sure to include information about employment laws or regulations that apply. The focus is not on the laws, however.

Follow this suggested format to complete the assignment. Depending on your topic and how you choose to present it, you may use more or less slides; just keep in mind that the content slides should be between 7-10 slides. Include speaker notes of no more than 250 words per slide. These notes should explain the key ideas about each bullet point on the slide; write these notes as if you are delivering the presentation to your intended audience.

Slide 1: Title.

Slide 2: Executive Summary.

Slide 3: Introduction of your topic.

Slides 4–6: Explanation of how HRM strategies apply to business needs.

Slides 7–9: Explanation of the applicable functions of HRM and how they relate to your topic.

Slides 10–12: Explanation of HRM issues, trends, and best practices associated with the line manager’s responsibility to your topic.

Slide 13: Conclusion.

Slide 14: References.

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