Python Challenge 1

  • In this challenge, you are tasked with creating a Python script for analyzing the financial records of your company. You will give a set of financial data called budget_data.csv. The dataset is composed of two columns: Date and Profit/Losses. (Thankfully, your company has rather lax standards for accounting so the records are simple.)
  • Your task is to create a Python script that analyzes the records to calculate each of the following:
    • The total number of months included in the dataset
    • The net total amount of “Profit/Losses” over the entire period
    • The average of the changes in “Profit/Losses” over the entire period
    • The greatest increase in profits (date and amount) over the entire period
    • The greatest decrease in losses (date and amount) over the entire period
  • As an example, your analysis should look similar to the one below:
  • Financial Analysis
    Total Months: 86
    Total: $38382578
    Average  Change: $-2315.12
    Greatest Increase in Profits: Feb-2012 ($1926159)
    Greatest Decrease in Profits: Sep-2013 ($-2196167)
  • In addition, your final script should both print the analysis to the terminal and export a text file with the results.

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